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Why sponsor us?

We want to demonstrate to an international audience how a small country like Scotland uniquely combines academic excellence, a vibrant culture and an untamed nature. We want our participants to go home from their meeting with a feeling of fulfilment, excitement and gratitude. You can ensure to build up a Pavlovian association between our event and your organisation by sponsoring us and thereby firmly anchoring your message into the minds of those potential future leaders. We depend on your sponsorship to make this event an unforgettable experience. In return we offer you an 


extensive advertisement platform whose audience spans many Europeans countries and many scientific sectors, from biotechnology to forestry.

Starting off with very limited funds only, we rejoice at every contribution. As a rough guideline we offer you the choice between sponsoring packages that allow for different contributions and different advertising possibilities. If you would like to contribute outside the sponsorship package lines we are more than happy to discuss further options with you.


Sponsorship  Packages